Crystal cleansing the whys, and how’s (this can also sometimes be referred to as recharging). This is a comprehensive guide.

Why cleanse crystals?

Crystals used in healing, it is thought, draw negative energies away from you, absorbing them themselves and protecting the user, or wearer, from these “bad vibes”. It therefore becomes obvious that they themselves require regular cleansing; If you wear them (like one of our fabulous bracelets [LINK]) this is even more true. Imagine a towel, it draws water away from you and absorbs it itself, you then wash it regularly, the same is needed for crystals, except they aren’t as easy to throw in a washing machine! Could you imagine the noise!

We follow these rules of thumb with how often to cleanse or recharge your crystals:

  • Crystals used in cleansing the environment (around the home etc.) – Monthly
  • Worn crystals or jewellery – Weekly (or more often)

If they start to dull, the shine is fading etc. cleanse them.

How to cleanse crystals

There are a multitude of ways you can perform crystal cleansing. Below is a list followed by descriptions of exactly how to perform each type. The form you use for cleansing crystals is, in reality, down to you, different people will suggest different methods, but what you feel works best for you is the method you should use. (We use a combination of Sunlight, moonlight and water most often – with visualisation to “focus” the crystals).

It is important to note however, that some crystals should NOT be washed as they are water soluble. This will end up destroying the crystal and its healing properties. It is advised to double check exactly what crystals you are using and if they might be affected in this way.

Cleansing Crystals the methods

This list below offers the many ways we have learned (or heard of) to perform crystal cleansing. We have tried to combine methods, under one heading, that perform the cleansing process in similar ways (e.g natural light covers sunlight and moonlight).

  • Natural Light – Sunlight and/or Moonlight
  • Water, running water, salt water
  • Smoke/Smudging/incense
  • Fire/Candle light
  • Earth
  • Sound
  • Salt
  • Other stones
  • Meditation/Breathwork/visualisation
  • Brown Rice
  • Cleansing Spray

Natural light crystal cleansing

Moonlight – The power of the moon is well known (its effects can be found in our oceans). Her feminine energy is believed to be a powerful cleanser for crystals too. Best performed during a full moon (on a clear night) leaving your crystals to soak up the moons rays is a brilliant way of cleansing crystals. Although many also believe that the moon does not need to be full.

Just be careful of rain, as we know water can damage some crystals.

Sunlight – The life giving properties of the sun are wonderful for burning off old energy and revitalising your crystals with new energies, light and vibrancy. Leave your crystals to soak for a few hours in her warm embrace.

A few words of warning:

  • Crystals can refract light, so keep a careful eye when using this method as there is potential to cause a fire.
  • Long exposure to direct sunlight can weather the stones surface.

Combine both by leaving your crystals out a couple of hours after dawn to have the powers of both the moon and the sun work on purifying your crystals.

Rinse your crystals under cold water after these methods to remove any loose debris.


Water is a strange one, there are a few forms can be used, Running water, stall water baths, natural water etc.  But not all crystals can use a water cleanse. Some will dissolve.

Running water – you can use a tap, and rinse your crystals under for 10 minutes or so, washing away impurities and visualising the purpose of your crystal once cleansed. Alternatively leave them in rain or submerge them in a stream for a few minutes, using natural waters to cleanse the crystals.

Still water – Submerge the crystals in collected rain water or salt water (sea water is ideal, but salted tap water works too) for a few hours (some people recommend up to 48 hours), to purify. If using salt water make sure to clean with clean water after as salt is very corrosive.

IMPORTANT – Some crystals are not suitable to cleanse with water, as they will dissolve. Be sure to thoroughly research if your crystals can be cleansed in water first.


The basic principle of these methods is using smoke to cleanse your crystals, much as spiritualists use sage smoke to cleanse a room. The method is simple.

Using a Smudge stick (often sage) or incense stick, light it get the smoke going and then pass the crystal through the smoke; or allow the smoke to spill over the crystals. The smoke purifies and cleanses. While you are passing the crystals through the smoke visualise the crystal being cleared of the bad energies and focus on the intent you wish the crystals to perform once cleansed.

The beauty of using a smudge stick is that it will also cleanse the room you are working in at the same time.

Fire/Candle Light

Similar in reasoning and practice to smoke. Pass the crystals through, or just above the flame of a candle and the crystal will be purified and negative energies cleaned away. Remember to focus on the intent you wish the crystal to have after cleansing.


From the earth we come, to the earth we return. Crystals are born naturally in the earth, returning them to the earth, logically, becomes a way to recharge, and cleanse them.

Dig a small hole, large enough to fit your crystals in, and bury your stones for anything from overnight to 11 days (opinion varies). You may wish to cover them in a cloth, but for a full cleanse and revitalisation it would seem not necessary, just rinse them under running water after the cleanse.

It is important to mark exactly where you have buried your crystals!

Note: We love the idea behind this, but the practicality of leaving your stones under the ground for 11 days seems impractical. Especially with they are jewellery that may contain elastic that will be damaged by the process.


Sound is powerful. If you have ever been relaxed by the sounds of rain or waves crashing; or moved to tears by a melodic song, you will understand this. Sound can also be used to cleanse and purify your crystals.

Using a single pitch such as singing bowls, a bell, a tuning fork. Or chanting, can help to purify and reset the resonance of a crystal to a single vibration. Perform for 5 to 10 minutes around the crystals for best effect.

This method is great if you have a large number of crystals to cleanse. Visualising the intent of the crystals while using this method is very useful.


Fill a bowl with salt (sea salt is recommended usually) completely cover the crystals in the salt and leave for 24 hours. Dispose of the salt in a safe manner. Do NOT consume after cleansing as the salt absorbs the negative energies from the crystals. Some crystals will scratch more easily than others, and this method can leave marks.

Check the hardness level of your crystals before using this method.

Other Stones

It seems obvious once you say it out loud but other crystals can be used to cleanse and purify your crystals.

Large Quartz, Amethyst and Selenite are great for this, place smaller crystals on or in these larger crystals for up to 4 hours to remove inharmonious energies.

If you have lots of smaller crystals, Quartx, Carnelian, Hematite, you can use these to cleanse larger crystals by placing them in a bowl and resting the larger crystal on top.


Meditate with the crystals in your hand. Clear your mind and centre yourself prior to the visualisation work.

With closed eyes visualise the crystals in front of you. Picture the crystals being enveloped in pure, clear, radiating light. Let the light surround the stones, and feel it growing brighter. Envision the light pushing the impurities, and negative energies out of the stones, and replace them with the positive intentions you wish the stones to imbibe. Breathing or blowing on the stones helps many to achieve this.

Brown Rice

Fill a bowl with dry brown rice, and completely cover your crystals in the grains for 24 hours (similar to a salt cleanse). DO NOT consume the rice after cleansing as it has absorbed the negative energy. Dispose of in a safe manner (It is debated whether uncooked rice is good in compost or not).

Note: We are less convinced with this method than any of the above. It seems like some people have taken the old drying a mobile phone method and attached it to crystal healing. But we include it here for you anyway. If you do use it, and find it works well, please let us know.

Cleansing Spray

Yup, you can buy special cleansing sprays. No we haven’t used them, and no we don’t sell them. Why buy a potentially chemical filled spray when nature cleanses crystals for free?

As we hope we have shown there are many ways to cleanse crystals, the things to take away from this are that how you do it is personal choice. Each method is only as good as the belief you have in it to work. And far more important is the power you grant the crystals be visualising the intent you want them to hold.

We hope all of the above gives you all the information needed for cleansing crystals. Using them should allow you to remove negative energies from the stones, and recharge them to keep their healing powers performing well. If you think we have missed anything, or need to add something, please let us know. Our crystal healing journey is always on going. And there is always something else to learn.

The mind can never be filled with too much learning.

Thank you for reading.